Archimedes Magnetic Wooden Bookmark - BO002


3XU's V.V.I.P Bookmark Collection was created to celebrate distinguished human beings and their wonderful achievements and important contributions throughout history . These bookmarks are wonderful accessories for Book & Planner lovers. Each bookmark consists of 2 pieces, connected to each other by a thin yet durable piece of leather. Each piece is made from 2 thin layers of natural wood with a hidden layer of magnet in between to help hold your book pages in place. The designs are hand drawn & colored and then printed on wood on both sides. 

Our bookmark are fun and beautifully designed with just the perfect thickness to ensure they firmly stay in place without damaging the pages of your book or planner. You can also use them as party favors, planner accessories, recipe holders, etc AND stick them on your fridge or board just as any magnet!

Another interesting part of these bookmarks lies on the back of their packaging where you can find fun facts about Van Gogh. With this carefully designed packaging, each bookmark can be a perfect gift for any science lovers, book lovers, teachers and students. 

Size per piece - varies by design: 1.3 - 2.5in (3.5 - 5cm) when folded.